The Spider #4 Review

Anput‘s reign of terror spreads, but should you really care?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

As Anput unleashes unparalleled destruction upon New York City, The Spider will knock down any door and bust any head to learn his enemy’s secrets, but his investigations into Anput machinations lead him directly to his own father’s company. With the city facing ruin and the police powerless, Anput prepares for her final victory, but The Spider prepares to take the fight to her. Loyalties are tested and relationships fray, but The Spider will stop at nothing to seek justice. It’s 22 pages of pulp action and mayhem with a contemporary flair!

When Anput revealed that she knew who our hero was, the battle entered a whole new territory.   The turn of events has simply driven our protagonist to a completely new level of desperation.  The Spider has been through the wringer, and this issue revels in that fact as he continues to push himself over the proverbial edge.

David Liss gives a script that is short and sweet.  It’s chock-full of exposition and narrow enough that it doesn’t bloat and bog-down the pace.   With each new narrative wrinkle, the author fights off the urge to go on a tangent and instead settles for solid plot progression.  My only gripe with the work done here is that some of dialogue from our hero just feels forced, and it yields a campy sense that dampens an otherwise excellent effort.

Colton Worley does a great job on the art in this issue.  His characters are detailed, his world is hyper-real and full of images that will make any fan quite pleased.  I especially enjoyed his page lay-out choices, as they offered a very kinetic feel that served the script rather well.

The Spider #4 is a very good comic book that doesn’t offer anything ground breaking, but it’s still more than worth your time.  Recommended.


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