The Pound-Ghoul's Night Out 3_C

The Pound: Ghoul’s Night Out #3 Review

The Pound-Ghoul's Night Out 3_C
AOT 25.1

Things are heating up in The Pound, but is it worth your time?

Here’s IDW’s summary:

The action and comedy continues as Scottie, Howie and Proof race to stop the Ghoul uprising. Along the way the guys learn some valuable information—the reason behind the Ghoul Uprising. Why are they targeting The Council of Four and Scottie’s family? Most importantly, never open a closed bathroom door without knocking first…

Now like many reviews before this one I’m coming into this comic blind, so I mostly have to go into it and judge this particular issue on it’s own merits. Luckily this release is good enough to stand on it’s own, even as the third outing of a four part story. Scottie and Howie must figure out why the Ghouls have suddenly started to attack the Wolves, and what this has to do with Scottie’s family.

Stephan Nilson crafts a nice script filled with action and comedy. The reason the Ghouls are attacking is a pretty interesting tale. Each character has a unique personality, and you can feel the love and camaraderie between the main characters of the narrative, which is also a nice touch.

Ibrahim Moustafa handles the art in this issue well. Offering a distinctive style that fits this saga by imploring some slightly gritty but light touches via the pencil work.  The end result fits the drama but also the lightheartedness of the book. The dark color palette is also a welcome sight, with deep hues that add to the mood and suspense of the story.

The Pound is a delightful romp that seems to be picking up speed and suspense as the story moves along.  I recommend it.


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