The Dream Merchant #2 Review

Issue two of The Dream Merchant begins to clarify this heady tale without really telling you anything and the clearest reason you should be reading this book. Confused? You won’t be if you keep reading.

Official description from IMAGE:

CHAPTER TWO.’ While hiding with The Dream Merchant, Winslow and Anne learn the truth about Winslow’s dream and about what is coming – a shocking revelation they have to see, or dream, to believe.

Writer Nathan Edmondson is gifted at telling a tale dealing with subjects of mind bending realities, alternate time and space and reluctant heroes. He does all while not asking you to jump down the rabbit hole either. Issue one of The Dream Merchant threw a lot of ideas out there and asked you to accept the unexplained much like the main character Winslow but gave enough of an anchor not to let us drift away. Issue two starts to narrow the focus and ground us even further as to what going on in Winslow’s dreams but still lets us know he’s not going to spoon feed us all the answers. We’ve still got some work to do and so does Winslow.

The Dream Merchant explains to Winslow and Anne why Winslow only has one dream and why he needs to embrace what being thrust on him to save more than just himself. The merchant’s protection is finite and this forces Winslow into his new role as a survivor and savior. We also come to find out about the nature of the three regulators after the group are some very nasty dudes.

Konstantin Novosadov’s art continues to be gorgeous to look at and his style is so reminiscent of an indie animated film. He draws a beautiful dreamscape that has some dark things taking place. It’s balanced and even though it’s loose still retains a sense of great detail some of which may not even be there.

The Dream Merchant is a great book and Edmondson takes the material and presents it with respect to the reader. It’s a story that feels complicated but reads clearly and defined. This is one head-trip you are going to want to take.