The Darkness #104 Review

This is the issue where everything begins to fall apart, but is it a worthwhile buy?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

We can tell you only two things about this issue: One, this issue will dive into depths of horror darker than any previous Darkness issue, and two, you won’t see the end coming.

The thinly veiled hints at the instability of this new universe leads this book in a direction that succeeds in yielding a powerful narrative.  What we have in this latest issue is a script that brings the problems of the Estacado family to the forefront.  The story at play here is not concerned with further development regarding Jackie, his Doppelganger and the Darkness but instead focuses in on the characters that Jackie remade the world for.

David Hine hits this issue out of the park, delivering a crescendo of sorts that contains some of the most messed up material I’ve ever had the pleasure to read in a comic book.  He hits all the big milestones with a script that focuses in on the personal issues of these characters, while allowing some truly terrible and deliciously disturbing developments to occur.  The dialogue alone will hold readers to their seat as David Hine skillfully navigates this new Top Cow universe.

Jeremy Haun continues to impress with his stylistic take on the Darkness.  His character designs are near flawless as his view of the world explodes in lavishly detailed panels.  There are times when the art seems a bit stiff but in the end this is not a detriment to the story on any level, as Jeremy Haun consistently finds a way to make the book look engaging.

I said in the last review, that the Darkness is not going to be for everyone, nonetheless it’s still a very strong comic with a talented creative team at its back.  And this latest issue shows how brilliant they can be.  Highly recommended.


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