The Boys #70


With three issues to go, The Boys #70 brings the story into a tight focus on the last remaining boys. Full of action and suspense, this isn’t an issue to miss if you’re a fan of the series.

First up, the official description from Dynamite:

On his own and out of options, Hughie resorts to extreme measures to keep himself in the game. Meanwhile, as vengeful forces close in from all around, Bradley considers a drastic step of her own- but will Stillwell allow her to get away with it? Butcher asks the big questions and Hughie finds out one last secret of his own, as The Bloody Doors Off races towards its fateful conclusion.

Two issues till the end!

Obviously, thanks to the events of previous issues, only Wee Hughie and Butcher are left. In this issue in particular, the focus is very well placed on these two characters; the recent arc building up the final and inevitable conflict. Yet, this being The Boys, things can’t ever be that simple.

Whether its meeting Mother’s Milk’s mother (and milk-related appendages) or the man outside Hughie’s flat, The Boys #70 still takes time to soak in some of the more bizarre aspects of the title. It sounds silly, but it adds an odd sense of suspense to the title. There’s a real sense of the calm before the storm.

This calm suspense also gives Hughie a lot of time to himself. Whether its talking to himself, a fireman, or simply his hamster, there is a lot of dialogue. Its highly effective too; Hughie as the main character has always been somewhat talkative. This issue uses this to great effect, highlighting his fear and anxiety.

With all this combined, there is a lot to take in in this issue. So much, that the side arc involving Stillwell doesn’t seem that important. Its crucial to the story as a whole, and will no doubt play a bigger part in the last two issues, but right now the main focus is on wee Hughie, as it should be.

Wrapping up with a surprising cliffhanger, which definitely highlights Butchers less stable personality, the next two issues are certainly going to be something special.

S#!T Talking Central

  • Chowbok

    Three issues to go? Where do you get that? They’ve been saying for a while that #71 will be the last one.

    • Edward

      I had heard that #71 would be the last, but the official descriptions
      seem to suggest otherwise. Either way I’m certainly looking forward to
      the next issue.