The Boys #69 Review

With 3 issues to go, The Boys #69 is showing no sign of slowing down. At its core, The Boys seems to be sticking to a true and tested philosophy; if you’re going to go out, go out with a bang.

First, the official description from Dynamite:

The third bad day: as Hughie reels from the events of last issue, the trail leads him to the home of an old adversary thought long dead. Butcher gets in touch with a few details no one’s yet considered, and Frenchie gives our hero a brutally honest rundown on his chances- before a lethal attack at the heart of the Boys’ operation shatters the status quo forever. Hughie finally discovers exactly what he’s doing, in part four of The Bloody Doors Off.
3 issues till the end!!!

With Mothers Milk dead from the previous issue, The Boys #69 brings the focus onto the remaining three heroes. This is more of a slow issue, but its still very well paced with lots of suspense and thrills.

The dialogue between the characters, such as Hughie and The Frenchman really exemplifies the characteristics of the title. The Boys has always been a title that sheds a different light on the superhero genre, and in its closing days its taking this to the extreme. The Boys have never been fans of superheroes, or “Supes” as they’re often called, but are now faced with saving their existence.

Of course, as with previous issues, there is a lot of focus on Butchers separation from the group. Considering the plot lines and narrative of The Boys, you could of been forgiven for thinking the final protagonist was going to be a superhero. Yet having the internal conflict between the Boys, particularly over the existence of superheroes, seems right. After a lengthy run exploring the various facets of the superheroes, it feels right that the title shows the group separating over the topic that’s very close to the heart of The Boys appeal.

Without giving away any spoilers, the current issue sets up the last three for an interesting read. A lot of focus has been put on Wee Hughie and the next few issues look set to really explore the character that, to an extent, has always sat on the fence in a lot of the bigger issues. In short, bring on the next issue.


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