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The Black Bat #5 Review

The Black Bat 5_C
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Our hero must work with someone he hates if he wants to save the missing cops, but should you care about his distress?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

The Black Bat’s loyalty to Carol and his mystery benefactors are put to the test when he is ordered to team up with a foe from his past. Also, Snate’s suitcase bomb is on the move, putting hundreds of lives in danger!

It took some time but this series has finally reached a point where it knows the core players well enough to start peeling away at their relationships.  And to the creative team’s credit they play off of that fact in a way that’s going to invite praise from this reviewer.

Brian Buccellato pens the script and he absolutely hits the narrative out of the park.  From the first issue on he’s delivered a consistently entertaining journey that’s made use of the classic tropes of the burgeoning superhero but now we’ve reached some murky water.  With a flip of a switch the impending consequences of a simple action reveal a potential threat to our masked vigilante that many might not see coming.  Truth be told the mystery benefactors of his life may be well intention actors, but the safe guards they’ve put in place could literally lead to the downfall of this icon and the author highlights that through some sharp dialogue.

If the script was great than the art by Ronan Cliquet is simply outstanding.  His use of fine and thick lines to craftily create this complex world full of noir elements and masked citizens yields a believable playing field for the story at hand.  In particular I was impressed by his ability to convey emotions on the faces of our primary cast, as over expression was thrown to the wind and natural facial features got the attention they deserved.  From beginning to end the work on display matched the quality of the text blow for blow.

The Black Bat #5 was by far the most entertaining outing for this young but growing series.  Highly recommended.


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