Thanos Rising #4 Review

Love is NOT a many-splendored thing.

In this issue we get a couple guest appearances from Thanos’ kin, and a big reveal which confirms everything we have been thinking since Issue #1.

The official description from Marvel:

Thanos kills a lot of people.

To be honest, I thought we would see a lot more killing. But then again, the best part of this series so far has been what we are left to assume. Don’t get me wrong, there is killing. There is Death. And before the series is through (one issue left) Thanos’ well-known and bloody origin story will be fully satisfied – just darker. So dark in fact, that you may feel a bit of discomfort as your eyes glance from panel to panel.

Jason Aaron keeps this tragic story going strong. In fact, as I finished the jaw-dropping conclusion of Issue #3, I wondered how it would be possible. In this issue he takes the horrifying concepts laid before the reader and directs them right back at Thanos. He does such a good job of projecting the horror back at Thanos, that you nearly forget all the travesties committed and completely sink into the emotional depths alongside the tortured Son of Titan.

Simone Bianchi’s art continues to be perfect for the story – the beauty, breathtaking; the evil, disturbing. The detail is memorizing – Bianchi is able to portray the character’s feelings so well you actually experience the despair, hatred, torment and even smug satisfaction. I will admit, I had trouble with the art in the first issue – I have come around completely. I could not see it any other way now.

Once again, this issue deserves high praise. It brings what we have all known about Thanos and Death to light. It is heartbreaking. I was left with strange feelings of remorse and pity – oddly enough, not for the thousands of people Thanos has killed to get to where he is thus far, but for the Mad Titan himself.


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