Thanos Rising #2 Review

Clash of the Titans! Nature and nurture collide in this, the second issue of the terrifying coming of age story for Thanos: Son of Titan.

The official description from Marvel:

Continuing the jaw-dropping origin of the mad Titan who will soon change the face of the Galaxy! Death follows young Thanos as his inner darkness grows.

Several years have passed since the last issue. It is only fitting that Thanos’ rise move along swiftly in this 5-part mini-series. In this issue, we see a much different Thanos. No reservations. Few hesitations. Analytical. Methodical. A harbinger for a darkness ready to take over – forever.

Jason Aaron once again delivers a story that needs to be told, yet many will not want to hear. Some of us know the history, but few take the time to consider what it takes to eviscerate a civilization. This story, and specifically this issue, walks us through the true beginning of the miserable life that was born only to be Thanos – Son of Titan – Killer of Titan – Nihilist Supreme. I believe many will feel that this story is “too much” or “too dark” – even I feel a bit strange after reading through it all. I mean what kind of person am I to love this character so much, after what is revealed here…

Simone Bianchi delivers the perfect visceral imagery, shocked expressions, and terror needed to match the tone and darkness of the book. He has done an excellent job capturing Thanos’ growth from child to teen. Much of the art, while beautiful, is as equally haunting.

Lines are crossed, ties are broken, and wounds are torn wide open into scars that will never heal. This is the turning point. This is what nightmares are made of. You may not like what you read in this book. I did, but it still has me thinking, should Thanos be my favorite character?

Thoughts? Is it too dark?


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