Tarantino And Wagner Join Forces For DJANGO/ZORRO Crossover

These days, comic book crossovers are a dime a dozen. DC Comics and Marvel put out event books every year, and even in titles specifically dedicated to one character, it’s a safe bet that one of their allies might pop in for a little bit. However, as far as unexpected crossovers go, DC and Dynamite Entertainment have a doozy here. In late 2014, bounty hunter Django from the hit 2012 western film Django Unchained will team up with the legendary masked vigilante Zorro. Django/Zorro will be a direct sequel to Django Unchained, but no other story details have been revealed.


Wait, there’s more. Not only will noted writer Matt Wagner be scripting the series, but Quentin Tarantino will be co-plotting the series alongside him. This book was already sounding great, but the fact that they’re bringing in the original director and a superstar like Wagner propels this story to new levels of awesomeness! Reginald Hudlin, who was a producer on the film, will also edit the series.

This isn’t Django’s first foray into comic books. Hudlin wrote the Django Unchained screenplay adaptation for DC, which was nominated for an Eisner Award. Zorro has been a mainstay at Dynamite for years. This is the second crossover between the two companies after the currently running Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet.


This is definitely one of the more exciting crossover concepts. Zorro has had his share of team-ups with other Dynamite characters (most recently in the miniseries Masks), but joining forces with a character from an Oscar-winning film is unprecedented. Seriously, think of a more unexpected inter-company crossover. Granted, there were some weird ones in the ’90s and early 2000s like Batman vs. Predator or Superman vs. The Terminator: Death to the Future, but recently there’s been nothing quite as unusual.

Of all of Tarantino’s creations, Django is the character that’s the ripest for a follow-up. Roaming around the West a free man, he’s bound to be dispensing his own brand of justice on slave owners everywhere. Whether Zorro will come into conflict with the bounty hunter or be sympathetic to his cause is unclear, but either way, villains of the Wild West better beware!


Now, will this book be as gory as Django Unchained? I know Zorro fights with a sword, but I don’t imagine he kills people as gruesomely as Django does. Hmmm, this could have the makings of a rated M book, and I think the fans would love nothing better.

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources