The Superannuated Man #6 Review

The Superannuated Man 6_CoverWell, here it is, the final chapter in what can only be described as a bizarre, bonkers and brilliant title. That said, with a loose story and concept, how do you add a sense of finale to something like The Superannuated Man #6?

The official description from Image:

MINISERIES CONCLUSION Blackwater burns as the ocean gives up its secrets about the mutated animals in this senses shattered series finale. All will be revealed… …Well, maybe not ALL. This IS a Ted McKeever book, after all.

Well, straight away, this issue showcases the abilities of having a singular person in charge of direction. This issue feels very much like Ted McKeever, although it’s a also a little more mellow/poignant in its final issue. While this does feel a little forced at times, especially as this and the last issue sort of wrap-things up for the purposes of closure, that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable. Whether it’s the artwork, character or simple charm of the piece, there’s plenty to enjoy.

In terms of writing, then, it’s not the most thought provoking but, combined with the backstory introduced previously, McKeever does give a somewhat-decent send off to the titular character. Still, this was a series that had a loose plot and even looser direction, so giving it a big fat ending doesn’t always feel right. McKeever may have put himself in an odd situation, but he writes to the best of his abilities and delivers a believable, likeable conclusion to his own thought processes.

Visually, McKeever also favours big panels or a big finish. The artwork has always been beautifully grim and decrepid and that’s no different here. The art style is ultra realistic in its shading, yet quirky and near-commical in proportions and designs. In other words, it’s absolutely brilliant and captures the serile nature of, well, nature itself.

All in all, could it be better? yes. Does that matter? Not really, The Superannuated Man has had a good run for a mini-series and this last issue gives it a good enough round-off that I won’t loose any sleep.

  • + Decent ending
  • + Hits the right tone for the series
  • + Great artwork
  • - Does feel a little rushed/forced

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