The Superannuated Man #2 Review

Superannuated Man 2While the first issue introduced us to something outright bizarre, can The Superannuated Man #2 introduce us to something worth reading? Such as an actual plot?

The official description Image:

A simple supply run into Blackwater, a seaside town overrun by mutated animals, is anything but routine for He, one of the few remaining humans.

While this issue offers a few insights into the world and the back story, there isn’t much else to go on here. There doesn’t seem to be any overarching plot – if there is, it’s very well hidden. The charm here isn’t on storytelling, but how it shows off the world. There’s a distinct sense of humor that will appeal to a niche audience, while it might turn away a larger crowd.

Still, The Superannuated Man #2 plays to its strengths. Ted McKeever’s writing starts off slow but does build up near the middle, where “He” makes an appearance. With a central character, there’s a little more focus to the script as McKeever begins to introduce a few key elements, or at least what appear to be potential key elements.

Visually, McKeever’s art style is one of its stronger points. It might put off many – I for one thing a little color would help make the title more attractive – but the grim yet quirkly style plays well with the script. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and each panel aims to impress. Looking at the comic, rather than reading it, shows how McKeever wants to build a world and amaze readers rather than bunker down on story telling.