Superannuated Man 1

The Superannuated Man #1 Review

Superannuated Man 1

Superannuated Man 1In case you’re wondering, Superannuated means ‘out of date’ or ‘obsolete’. I’m telling you this because The Superannuated Man #1 doesn’t make it clear straight away.

The official description from Image:

By the time most people realized it, they were no longer in charge of the world we know. In an unspecified future, the small seaside town of Blackwater has now been taken over by advanced and mutated animals. Most of the humans that lived there are now either dead or gone, but one old-man remains, scavenging off the scraps and refuse of humanity’s past, and doggedly defying the new tenants.

If you ignore the fact it doesn’t make its setting clear or defined, there’s actually a lot to like here. It has a surreal, yet funny side to it. While it may surprise or gross you out at times, it never takes itself too seriously. There’s a lot to take in on a first reading, but it is nonetheless something that sticks with you. That said, there’s also little in the way of plot and, after a whole first issue, I’m not sure what the main story is, or what drives the character.

Some people may like that, many will not. Ted McKeever knows how to write dialogue – the accents and language coming off of random characters here showcases some of the fun McKeever is having with his work – but fails to offer any sort of plot so far. What he does provide is a fun and unusual forray into a weird and wonderful world. It’s more of an artistic thought-piece than a coherent story thus far.

Visually, McKeever’s art style may be the ‘make or break’ element of the series. He has a distinct style with sharp contrasts (it’s black and white) and has a slightly surreal aspect to it. Everything appears ever so slightly exaggerated or decayed. It’s not happy artwork, but there’s something disturbingly beautiful to it at the same time.

In short, this is something I would recommend to anyone looking for something different. At the very least it’s worth a try, as it may surprise many.

  • + An interesting set up
  • + Unique visuals
  • - Not a very clear idea
  • - Slow story-telling

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