Super Dinosaur #21 Review

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What will Derek and SD’s trip to Max Maximus’ secret base produce? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:

The search for the cure for Derek’s mother takes him and Super Dinosaur to some interesting… and DANGEROUS places. Will they find it in time?

Super Dinosaur #21Super Dinosaur is a concept that I have always enjoyed, but unfortunately I haven’t followed the series in the last year and a half. This issue instantly made me regret that, reminding me just why I enjoyed it so much when it launched at the end of 2011.

Robert Kirkman has kept the fun and exciting tone that makes SD such a great series, with the characters proving to be as interesting as ever. There is however the obvious sign of movement since I last read this series, and although it doesn’t hurt the issue itself, it shows just how much reading a series continuously improves the overall experience. In this issue itself Kirkman managed to tackle the sensitive situation that Derek finds himself in, in a very lighthearted manor, allowing room for humour in places where it’s hard to add some. The only negative point I have is that it was a little too quick of pace, as despite being exciting it didn’t take that long to read.

Jason Howard‘s artwork is simply amazing, and as always is the perfect style for this fun and vibrant series. His art may not be the most detailed I’ve ever seen, but the energy and emotion that he shows more than makes up for that, giving the series a lot of life. Howard also did a great job of the layouts with it adding a lot to the overall flow and impact of the issue. Howard does however not stop here as his wonderful colours give the perfect finish to his already terrific art, adding the kind of texture and overtone that makes this series feel so fun and energetic.

Super Dinosaur once again proved that it’s a fun comic that will appeal to almost anyone. The issue also has some interesting developments and overall I fully recommend giving this issue a shot.



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