Stray Bullets #7: Review

Proving once again that the line between love and guts is paper thin, David Lapham brings a heavy dose of bloody realism to what’s been one of his most tender love stories to date.

Here’s the official word from Image:

What happens when when you find out you’ve been living in a prison your whole life and had no idea? What happens when everything you thought was good is really bad and everything you’ve been told is bad is really good? And what happens when you know if you make the right choice your life will become a nightmare beyond your imagination? Tonight Eli is going to find out. He’s going to put his soul on the line and find out who he really is even if it kills him…or someone else. You’ve never read anything like these sometimes happy, sometimes sad, but always desperate…TALES FROM THE BOX.

After a poignant courtship Eli, a young teen navigating the world as an amputee, and Virginia Applejack, David Lapham’s long term heroine, are finally a couple. Eli, now estranged from his mother has his eyes set on art school and plans to bring Virginia along. As the lovebirds plan their getaway Virginia takes Eli to her old stomping grounds in an attempt to both StrayBulletsKillers_07-1expose a part of who she is, and secure housing for her move with Eli. Because this Stray Bullets, of course, mayhem ensues, this time in the form of a botched revenge killing. If moving across country wasn’t hard enough on a young relationship, Eli and Virginia must now deal with acting as witnesses to a multiple homicide. And they have *very* different reactions to it — but I won’t spoil it for you.

The art, provided by Lapham, is gorgeous, with some striking large panel work that you’ll just want to hang on your walls. Stray Bullets: Killers #7 provides a wonderful example of why reading books where the artist is also the writer can be such a treat — the script and art sync perfectly, and I was quickly swept away into Lapham’s vision, once again.

Go grab Stray Bullets: Killers #7 today. It’s the best thing ever.

+ Blood Love Story + Gorgeous Art

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