The Strain: The Night Eternal #7


With  the humans and vampires still going at for the big war, we have some more pasts revealed but with The Master always watching you, what can happen next. Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

More of the vampires’ origins are revealed as Eph, consumed by guilt and his crippling addiction, heads toward a breaking point. The rebels will be betrayed to the Master; it’s only a matter of time with the odds stacked against them. Will Eph be the one to turn on them?

19202The Strain is getting more and more crazy and the world is not getting any easier for the humans or the human sympathizers. However, some people are having a more worse time thank others. It is Eph who is having a dilemma because he hates “The Master” but the master has a ton of things in the works that has made him the most powerful being lately. We, also, have an issue with the rebels getting betrayed but it could have been a lot worse. It could have been a lot worse but then you have Eph who may have to make a decision that could change the pace of the war for everyone. It is very exciting and a ton of fun.

David Lapham is a fantastic writer and continues to show that he can make his own mark on a property that has been written. The characters are fantastic and realized. There is a ton of great moments and just really interesting dialogue that brings forth great story.

Mike Huddleston brings forth some amazing art and makes the visualizations just pop from the page. It is super well done and draws the readers into the story. You will get lost in this story.

The Strain: Night Eternal #7 is a game changer in the story.

  • + The Strain is getting very dark
  • + The gore is awesome
  • + A compelling and fun story
  • + Action packed

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