The Strain: Night Eternal #6 Review


What happens when your put up in a camp that vampires use for their blood? Will you fight or will you fall and will someone look out for you? That is some of the questions asked in the issue of the Strain. Read on to find out more.

The official description from Dark Horse:

With their backs against the wall, outnumbered and outmatched in the vampire blood farm known as Camp Liberty, Dr. Ephraim Goodweather and his rebels could use some divine intervention. Thankfully, the sky is falling!

19201The new arch of the Strain is a fantastic and brings some amazing characters back from, kind of, the dead. It is also really raising the stakes, no pun intended, and it is fantastic. The issue opens with everyone trying to figure how to get out of the camp that is for the vampires. We have a look at the rogue vampire who has been helping our heroes. However, he has some of his things to do himself. We see that everyone is put to their backs. We get some good interactions with our characters and start to see the stress of the situation come to light. The ending of the comic comes to the light a more sinister plan that may have some terrible consequences for the world. It is fantastic.

David Lapham is a great writer and is doing a great job of adapting the story. It is a very fast issue with really high stakes and fantastic moments that will have interesting things behind them. You will really understand that when you read it.

Mike Huddleston brings the gore and fun in the visual department. He knows what the fans want to see and really brings it to the for front in this issue.

The Strain: Night Eternal #6 is a great issue with some fun moments.

  • + Gore, Gore, Gore
  • + A change in pace
  • + Awesome action
  • + Favorite characters are brought together

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