Star Wars: Dark Times – Fire Carrier #3 Review

With the weight of their latest Imperial entanglement along with some seriously shocking revelations can our group of Jedi survive this trying day?  Read on to find out.

The official description from Dark Horse:

As Jedi Master K’Kruhk and a band of Padawans distance themselves from the Empire’s refugee camp, they discover a deadly secret the local militia is keeping from their Imperial masters!

Now, marked for death by both factions, they must find a place of safety. But how does one escape the dark times?

When it comes to exploring the intergalactic saga surrounding the rather expansive Star Wars universe, one era in particular always peaked my interest.  And to this series’ benefit it takes place right in the middle of it and let me say this issue offers a compelling piece of fiction that should please eager fanboys or fangirls.

The script written by Randy Stradley is absolutely riveting as it offers a complex narrative in a straight forward context.  There are a few select lines of dialogue that come off rather badly but for the most part each character is sharply defined within honest scenes that effortlessly propel this tale forward. Overall I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with the maturity and even the care that was taken when it came to several disturbing sequences.

Gabriel Guzman lends some exquisite pencil work to this amazing romp, as the talent effortlessly realizes the emotionally highs and lows contained within these lavishly detailed pages.  Whether it’s a Jedi Master fighting to protect his younglings or a powerful act of revenge, whatever the author asked for this illustrator was ready and willing to see it done.  There were a few moments where expressions didn’t match the implied tone but these were few and far between.

Star Wars: Dark Times – Fire Carrier #3 is another success that continues to build upon this brief period where the Empire is growing in strength while the last remnants of the old Republic attempt to survive.  In short if you’re looking for something worth following than this title might just be for you.  Recommended.


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