Spider-Men #1 Review

Two universes collide!  But is Spider-Men #1 the start of a worthwhile crossover event or is it just a waste of fanboy time?  Read on!

The official description from Marvel:

Written by “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man’s” Brian Michael Bendis, the upcoming miniseries will see the world of superheroing veteran Peter Parker explode as he comes face to face with the younger, hardly-experienced Miles Morales.

This was a solid start to the crossover, even it lacked enough wit or intelligent design to warrant these two universes colliding.  It could have been worse and let’s be honest the story possibilities alone are what will probably make this tale interesting in the end.  It’s not important how these two characters meet, but what they do after they’re together.

To his credit, Brian Michael Bendis does a good job writing Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and convincingly portrays his reactions in both worlds, but sadly there are moments where he seems to portray him as being less intelligent than he’s supposed to be.  The story itself was an entertaining and engaging ride that was strong enough to lay a foundation, perhaps a wobbly foundation, but a foundation nonetheless that will set the stage for the next part in the story.  In case you’re wondering why I didn’t mention the other Spider-Man (Miles Morales), it’s because he wasn’t in this issue long enough to pass judgment on.

If ever there were people that could earn the right for me to tell fans to buy a comic book for the art alone, Sarah Pichelli is definitely one of them.  Her characters are immaculately designed and well conceived, as they glide through an immensely detailed and well structured world.  Her crisp and clean panels are great, and personally I can’t wait to see what this talented artist will do next.

Overall this was a good start to what could be a great crossover, but it wasn’t as well conceived as it should have been.  However, it was still solid enough to warrant a recommendation.



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  • http://unleashthefanboy.com Ciaran

    Generous IMO thought it was incredibly cliched and slow paced, I mean 3 panels of Spidey inspecting Mysterio’s fishbowl trying to figure out what it is…. Nothing new, the only cool thing was seeing his reaction to Ultimate civilians knowing his identity – otherwise very poor IMO and that’s from someone who loves ultimate spiderman

    • Harrison Rawdin

      It may have been because I read the Amazing Spider-Man issue first, but it made me view this a bit better. The possibility for awesomeness is there and I’m honestly looking forward to the next issue.