Spawn #225 Review

A megaton issue of Spawn is here, but is it really worth your money and time? Read on to find out.

The official description from Image:


MILESTONE 225th issue! AND…FOR THE FIRST TIME…the results of a Presidential Election will directly affect the events to come.

On November 6th, the citizens of the United States of America will select their Commander In Chief. The winner, and his goals and agendas, will play a role in shaping the next stage in Jim Downing’s evolution.

Meanwhile…Jim’s long search for answers about his past comes to an end in this two-part story, featuring the return of fan-favorite villain, Jason Wynn.

Wynn, the master puppeteer whose manipulations led to Al Simmons’ original fall from grace, now lays bare the full truth regarding Jim’s role in “The Project.” But what are Wynn’s true intentions? And what ramifications do they have on global events.

For a milestone release that highlights the fact that we’re about to get answers, we’re left with only confirmations and teasers.  But trust me, that’s not a bad thing because what’s available is so juicy and well handled that you just won’t care.

Todd McFarlane pens the script and despite it being fluffed with a good deal of text the author never takes his eye off of the proverbial ball.  Each word and each syllable works in unison as the writer charts the evolution and extension of themes and plot points that have long been germinating within this series.  The end result is a dialogue heavy treat that offers a lot of confirmations to its readership with a couple potential bombshells thrown in for good measure.

Szymon Kudranski once again handles the art and every bit of this jaunt ebbs and flows with a dark soul that’s perfectly suited for the world of Spawn.  Heavy blacks, creative angles and distinctive panel designs highlight brilliant pencil strokes that not only inform the script but set the mood for it.  I honestly have no complaints about the work on display here, because this is exactly the style this comic book needs.

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 Spawn #225 is a riveting read that confirms all of our heroes darkest fears.  If you’ve been reading this series since ‘Endgame‘ or earlier, here’s where your patience starts to pay off.  Highly recommended.


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