Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #19 Review


As things kick off, Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow #19 starts to get better involved in the action. Both titular ninjas feature prominently, and the plot certainly thickens with intensity.

First, the official description from IDW;

TARGET: SNAKE EYES part four! Is the mission to bring down the Arashikage Clan a matter of national security or a private vendetta for SCARLETT? And, when it comes to a life or death battle with SNAKE EYES, who will walk away? The answers lie here in the most game-changing, controversial G.I. JOE storyline this year!

This focuses primarily on the ninjas, such as Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, the Arishikage and the Soft Master. It ties a few loose groups together, bringing many of them together. As is common in anything G.I Joe related, this leads to confrontations, backstabbing and all kinds of espionage.

The main issue, if any, that I have with this issue is the opening. Most the issue takes place in a hidden/uncharted temple of the Arashikage. This is perfectly fine, if not highly original, except everyone seems to know where it is. At times, it feels like everyone in the G.I Joe universe seems to be aware of this and making their way over, if only for a chance to fight.

Of course, this is only a minor issue, as it does lead to a lot of the confrontations that are crucial to the current plot. Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow does a decent job of juggling these plot lines and rivalries around fairly well; considering everything that is going on, the writing and subsequent reading all seems fairly fluid.

Since most plots seem to converging together, there aren’t many side plot arcs available. What there is, however, focuses on the Baroness. Without spoiling anything, recent developments are certainly set to put things in a new perspective; the changes found here certainly give potential to future plot lines, as well as showing the a bolder and more daring side to the writing.

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In short, this is one of the better issues of Snake Eyes & Storm Shadow I’ve read. It builds on the last issue and ends in a thrilling cliff hanger that will certainly keep any fans of the series waiting for the next issue.

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