Smallville Sequel (Finally) Confirmed!

Well it has been rumoured for a while now, first we reported on the rumours of a tv sequel called Metropolis, then we heard rumblings of a sequel in novel form, now we can finally confirm the adventures of CW’s Clark Kent will continue….. in (oh god you guys are gonna love this) COMIC BOOK FORM! And you all have the success of Joss Whedon’s comic continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to thank for it.

Finally we will get ongoing adventures of Smallville’s Clark Kent as he takes up the mantle of Superman and they are returning to the characters roots and publishing it as a digital comic. The comic will be published digitally every week and collected in print every month, it will be written by one of the show’s top writers Bryan Q. Milller, with art by Pere Perez.

The digital Smallville Season 11 comic will begin from DC Comics on April the 13th, with the first printed collection on May 16th, the series will feature Clark Kent as Superman, as well as the cast of Oliver Sullivan-Queen, Chloe Sullivan-Queen, the Lanes and the Luthors. Now that it is being continued in comic form we could see even more heroes given the treatment this sequel as there is no budget to consider, and characters who were formally off limits such as Batman and Wonder Woman could also rear their heads.

Exciting times for Smallville fans!

He's baaaaaack!