Skullkickers #16

A hilarious adventure, Skullkickers #16 is a fantastical issue, with plenty of humor, artwork and action to suit everyone’s tastes.

The official description from Image:

Ancient evil has arisen aboard the pirate ship called the Mermaid’s Bottom in this, the penultimate part of our 3rd story arc. Mind-control, maidens, monsters, meat, and more words that start with “M”. Everybody say it with me now: “Mmmmmmmmm…”

Needless to say, this issue focuses highly on pirates. In terms of art and style, Skullkickers has always carried itself well. The colorful style suits the tone and fun atmosphere of the series perfectly. Its bright when it needs to be, yet the art isn’t without detail or definition. The various battle and action sequences are well drawn, and it never gets over silly, either.

However, the one defining feature of Skullkickers #16, like the series as a whole, is that it is hilarious. A prime example is the writing. Whilst the dialogue itself is fairly normal, the side-bars and editors notes, often refereed to as “fantasy factoids” are brilliant. They self-mock the comic itself, pointing out potential mistakes or bodged plot-holes. The no-shame approach to its story telling only enhances the title.

Another surprising and noteworthy aspect of Skullkickers #16 is the paneling. In the biggest action sequences, the panels slide at 45 degree angles along the page. It makes the action more jarring and really emphasizes the fact that its set on a ship at sea during a storm. It suits the action well; its surprising to see a light-hearted title taking so much care and attention over how this message is portrayed.

In short, Skullkickers #16 is both an excellent example of storytelling and a prime source of humor in comic book form. With riffs on pirates, fantasy tropes and everything in between, Skullkickers #16 is worth a read for anyone who appreciates a laugh.


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