Six Million Dollar Man Series 6 Issue 3

Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #3 Review

Six Million Dollar Man Series 6 Issue 3

Layout 1Although I still have many concerns for the series, Six Million Dollar Man Season 6 #3 is pushing the boat out and you have to respect a title making the most of the comic format while still staying true to the TV series.

The official description from Dynamite:

The original Six Million Dollar Man is back with an official continuation of the classic television series! Steve has been betrayed and now stands alone against the experimental Soviet Yaga Tank. And closer to home, the mysterious alien plague spreads and threatens to destroy all of NASA while Oliver Spencer’s Maskatron continues to evolve into the deadliest artificial intelligence on earth. Steve Austin proves that it’s not the bionic hardware that makes the man but the all too human heart that drives it.

This issue is a fairly smooth read and delivers plenty of action. Both Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers get some credible scenes here and the split action stops the issue from getting tunnel vision. One could argue, however, that there are too many sections at work here. Alongside this, there’s the cold war aspect, the space-alien goop that constantly reminds me of Marvel’s Venom, the political aspect and Maskatron. Three issues in, you can’t say the series isn’t busy…

In terms of writing, Jim Kuhoric is getting into his stride. Although it’s based on a TV show, Kuhoric isn’t afraid to make the most of the comic platform and show what TV budgets can’t afford. It may seem outlandish, but it escalates the drama and ensures something other than a generic repeat of the show’s success. It may not please puritans but I think it stays true to the nature of the show – Kuhoric definitely has a handle on Steve Austin and the main characters for a start.

Visually, Juan Antonion Ramirez does a lot to capture this issue’s charm. His style is well detailed and concise, making the action a smooth, clear joy to read from start to finish. He does his best to depict the time period and, alongside Fran Gamboa’s colors, ensures the title doesn’t allow itself to get too dull or offer a boring panel.

In short, this issue has a lot going for it. It may need a second read-through, if only because it dances with so many plot points at the same time – if I had to choose, however, more is better than less.

  • + Cyborgs vs Russian Mechs! What else?
  • + Kuhoric spins plenty of threads
  • + Stays close to the series
  • - Some elements might seem a little outlandish

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