Sinister Dexter #7 Review


The epic conclusion to Sinister Dexter is interesting but is it really worth the read. Read on to find out more.

Kal Cutter is new to the Gun Shark business but being an assassin apprentice to Sinister and Dexter is giving him more than enough on the job training. What lesson will he learn when the next job is the girl of his dreams?

So in this conclusion there is a lot that happens in a short amount of time. However, I want to start with the bad STK640284before we get to the good. The main concern that I had was that I was not satisfied with the ending of the series, it was very unsatisfying. I am not saying that I didn’t like the issue, I just thought there could have been more. Now on to the good, there is some great stuff. The new gunman adds his own special bit to the team. I mean there is a great dynamic between Kal and our two “hero’s”. The one thing that is great for this issue is the roller coaster of emotions that take place. I mean you have Kal who doesn’t want his new love to be taken out but there is a job to be done. It is great part and works well in this series.

The writing is very good for this issue because of the way that this thing develops into its own monster. I mean it is fantastic. You will see what I mean when I read but it is a great balance.

The art is very good in this issue, just like it has been in every one of the previous issues. You will especially like this one because of the the artist conveys the emotions of the characters. It is spot on and you will appreciate it.

The Sinister Dexter finale is good but leaves the reader unsatisfied.

-The ending leaves the reader unsatisfied. +The art is spectacular -The end of a great series. +The emotional roller coaster is a good change

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