Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #2 Review

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Can Moriarty train Udo for their fight against Bombastus Von Hohenheim? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

Stranded in Switzerland, his criminal network in tatters, and with the world believing him dead, the world’s most notorious villain, Professor James Moriarty, faces his greatest challenge yet – taking care of an orphaned child. Bound by a solemn promise, and determined to seek revenge against a local madman, Moriarty begins a clever campaign to work his way inside his enemy’s fortress. The trap is set, and Moriarty is determined to succeed, but is he villainous enough for the task?

D.E. Comic Page Template.epsMoriarty Lives got off to a decent start in the last issue, as despite the Sherlock Holmes fan in me being annoyed by minor things it was overall a good opening issue. It does however not quite follow suit in this issue, as despite still being decent it’s nowhere near a must read comic.

David Liss does a good job of giving some development to the story, but at the same time the slow pace really drains the life out of the issue. On the other hand Liss does continue to show parts of Moriarty’s characteristic brilliantly, as although I’m still not won over by Moriarty being shown as a somewhat hero, it is nice that deep down he’s still a very rude and obnoxious person. Besides this there was still a few more positive points, as I enjoyed seeing Moriarty train Udo, with the sinister tone around series villain, Bombastus Von Hohenheim also improving the overall mood of the issue.

Daniel Indro did a great job of the artwork in this issue, being very consistent throughout. Since the first issue I have felt that Indro’s style is perfectly suited for the Moriarty character, as despite not toping the astonishing covers from Francesco Francavilla, it’s still very good. Indro’s layouts also continue to appeal, adding a lot of energy and impact to the story, and considering the slow pace this was much needed. The deep facial expressions and wonderful scenery also added a lot of tone and mood to the artwork, with it also giving more liveliness as well.

Moriarty Lives has slowed down dramatically in this issue as despite having some interesting and energetic moments it mostly felt like a set-up issue. Due to this I can’t recommend this issue.



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