Sheltered #15 Review


Safe Haven has been destroyed and the fate of the kids are determined but not everyone has a happy ending. Is this final issue worth reading? Read on to find out more.

The official description from Image:

THIS IS IT! THE FINAL ISSUE! It’s the end of Safe Haven, but is it the end of the world?

Sheltered_15-1Well it’s that time again, time to say goodbye to an amazing comic book. Sheltered #15 is the final issue in the series and let me tell you, it is really fantastic. The issue takes place a little bit of time after the apprehension of the surviving kids left in Safe Haven. The world is slowly getting over what has happened. Everyone has different fates. I will say that there are some that get it a little better than others but, overall, it is pretty grim. Along with the fates, you really get a understanding that these kids might eventually be okay because they start  to realize what they did was wrong. There is one character that does get it a little easier by being out of confinement but there is the personal hell that she faces. I really think that this issue does a great job of wrapping things up. However, the ending is very interesting and I believe that you will love it.

Ed Brisson is a fantastic writer and shines with this issue. He does everything right when wrapping up a story. It was still compelling and fantastic but brought together the end of story. It is spot on.

Johnnie Christmas delivers on the visual stimulation and brings the story to life. There are a ton of scenes and each one gets individual attention that it deserves. It is going to be hard to say good bye to these characters but we get a good look one last time.

Sheltered #15 is a great finish to a great story.

  • + A fantastic finish
  • + Wonderful look at characters after
  • + Some bad guys get theirs
  • + The art makes the ending even better

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