Sheltered #10 Review

Safe Haven is not so safe anymore and with the events from the last couple of issues unfolding who will make it to the end.

In the final issue of the second arc, things take a dark turn for the children of Safe Haven. Not all will survive the issue!

Okay, with the second arc coming to end, a lot of bad things have Sheltered_10-1happened to the people of Safe Haven. This issue is now different. Now one is safe, which makes for a compelling issue but it is, also, super depressing. I mean really depressing. I honestly cannot not go much into this story because it would ruin this issue completely but it is so good that you need to read it for yourself. The characters have been dealing with murder and hate for the last couple of issues, where each death has an effect on the actual story. Now, I wont say who but there is a character that dies and it will change the idea of Sheltered forever and we will learn that Safe Haven is not as “safe” as it once was. It is alludes to what is coming next to the series, which is nice because it is some sort of hope but this issue doesn’t leave a ton of that.

The writing to this issue is spot on. It is compelling and sad but, also, well done. It doesn’t shy away from pain or suffering and that is something to commend on this issue. I do wish there was something happy about it because it is a load of sadness.

The art is great and works well of showing the truth behind the pain and anger felt by the characters. It is quick to high light what needs to be and works well with this comic.

Sheltered #10 is fast, fierce, and super fantastic.

  • +The gritty and quick writing is fantastic
  • +The art works well for this story
  • +The characters are so real, it's scary
  • -It is super depressing

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