SCOTT SNYDER “Reveals” New NIGHTWING Identity That We Figured Out Months Ago

Spoilers for Batman #28 and possibly other issues are contained in this article.

As part of DC Comics’ “DC ALL-ACCESS” web-series, current Batman writer, Scott Snyder “revealed” the identity of the new Nightwing, or rather, Bluebird – an identity that he has teased (or more accurately, blatantly and outright showed us) months ago when he showed us this picture. “Gee, I wonder who that could be,” said everyone who has been reading Scott Snyder’s run on Batman.


Not only do we get a look at the new Bluebird but Snyder also reveals some new players in Gotham and some new Bat-allies. One of which is sure to make the internet comic book community to explode.

In this week’s Batman #28, a stand-alone issue that shows us what is going to happen in Gotham a year from now, giving us a break from the current and ridiculously long “Zero Year” storyline.


First and foremost among the reveals Snyder makes in Batman #28 are revelations for Harper Row, a character introduced in Batman all the way back in March 2012.

This page gives a look at the new Harper Row-Batman dynamic. What’s glaringly obvious is that Harper Row is using a gun and for one reason or another, Batman seems to tolerate her using one.


We also get a better look at her new costume here and it’s quite obvious where the inspiration comes from. Nonetheless, despite the fact it seems like she is working in-tandem with Batman, Harper Row isn’t exactly following his code of ethics which makes us question why Batman is allowing her to operate in Gotham. Maybe he’s desperate for help?

Mystery Person in Batcave

This reveal is a bit more of a mystery as we’re given no indication as to who it might be, but what’s clear is that this person is fulfilling Alfred’s role in the Batcave. More than that, despite the fact that the person describes themselves as “new at this” Batman clearly trusts them enough to allow them access to the Batcave and Batcomputer.

Some readers speculate that this Oracle-Alfred character is Carrie Kelley, a character that appeared shortly after Damian Wayne’s death.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Holy shi- This one is pretty huge. The reveal we get about Selina Kyle is that she’s become the new Kingpin of crime in Gotham. Her relationship with Batman has also taken a very sour turn after he “left her to die”.

As of right now, not much has been revealed about Selina Kyle’s new role but we surely know that it’s going to be big.

This tells us a LOT will change in Gotham one year from now. Where’s The Penguin? The Riddler? Black Mask? Where are all those other losers?


This one is going to take you out into a bar back-alley and punch you in the stomach.

It’s happening, it’s finally happening! I knew harassing DC executives at every comic book convention panel would eventually work.

Stephanie Brown’s introduction to the New 52 Universe has finally arrived. We only get one page, though. Showing her tied up… With no dialogue…

Okay, fine. It’s better than nothing. But what is her role in the New 52? Well, naturally she is the “only one in this city [Gotham] who knows how to stop what’s coming next.” Hell yes, Team Steph!

The costume that she’s wearing though looks fantastic; it looks like it’s blending her original Spoiler look with her Batgirl costume.

What’s going on in Gotham?

8PM curfews? Police checkpoints? Police pointing guns at young girls? Just what the hell is happening in Gotham?

Oh, what? It’s just that time of the year that Gotham goes to shit, again? That’s a relief, I guess.

Scott Snyder told Newsarama that Batman #28’s story line will actually play out during the yearly series, Batman: Eternal and the regular Batman series in 2014.

Batman: Eternal launches in April 2014. Follow UnleashTheFanboy’s coverage of these events in the lead up the new series.


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  • Not to be nit picky

    Actually she’s “Bluebird” not Nightwing.

    • RegReach

      Yeah she was smart enough not to take the name so she wouldn be boo’d by the crowds

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    Doesn’t Harper Row have a sibling who knows about her and Batman? That might be who the mystery person standing in for Alfred is.

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      Ohhh, that’s a good idea!

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        Snyder said that the person in the cave is someone we haven’t met before, so its not her brother.