Savage Dragon #181 Review


Savage Dragon #181 follows the result of previous events. Yet,  even after the recent devastation, its never that quiet of peaceful in the world of Savage Dragon.

First, the official description from Image:

The invasion is over…at a price. The stunning aftermath.

Needless to say, there was a lot of fighting in the previous issues. This is certainly lessened here, but the issue still opens with a good old fashioned fight. In this case, Savage Dragon himself comes to blows with his own son, Krull. For long time readers, this certainly means a lot more than for those who just picked up the title. Its a dialogue heavy fight, and the art work unfortunately falls short of expectations.

My main problem is the use of color. Besides green and yellow, nothing else comes into it. I can see the point in this decision, but even the lack of a background is so apparent after 7 pages. Used sparingly, this could of been a more subtle effect with a greater impact, but after so many pages it looks like sloppy corner-cutting.

Fortunately, the second half of the title is much better. Back on Earth, Savage Dragon #181 takes time to focus on the fall of All-God. Even though its only a couple of talking-heads, its always appreciated when any title shows the greater effects of any incident. In this case, its important to understand the full affect of all-gods death. Even if its only a page, its more than I’ve seen in other titles.

The main heroes may be affected, but so are the normal people. With a cast as big as Savage Dragon‘s, not everyone can be included in each issue. In this case, a lot of the heroes fighting on Earth have been left out, no doubt to be caught up with later on. Whilst this won’t please every fan, it makes perfect sense not to rush things or wrap everything up quickly.

That being said, this is a Dragon-heavy issue, and the most of the comic takes place away from Earth. This is great for focusing on the main character and the current events regarding his race, but it does enough to make sure the events on Earth aren’t forgotten just because the war is over.

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