Savage Dragon #180

Savage Dragon #180 is certainly action packed. With lots of narrative, lots of dialogue and lots of action, its hard not to like this issue of Savage Dragon. Yet its quick speed might actually, for once, be a bad thing.

First off, the official description from Image:

“ALIEN INVASION,” the finale!
The war comes to its epic conclusion! Death! Destruction! Genocide!
Earth’s greatest heroes faces their biggest challenge ever – and the fallout is anything but pretty. Will there be anything left worth living for? The answer will leave you breathless.

Obviously, its the finale issue in a long running arc. As such, it does a great job of wrapping up the plot. Its nothing too obvious or easy to guess, which is always a good sign in a long running title.

However, I can’t help but feel that it wraps things up too quickly. Whilst it does leave the story on a cliff hanger with its own new potential plot hooks and story arcs, the ‘invasion’ depicted here seemed to have blown over far too quickly. I’m not sure what length of time occurred during this issue, but it feels somewhere between a day and half an hour.

Art and style wise, there’s more than enough here. From outer space to the shots of a ruined earth mid-invasion, the full extent and grasp of the story allows for a multitude of characters, settings and designs from the Savage Dragon universe. Seeing all these elements combined together in one issue is great, and gives greater feeling to the titles setting.

For a Savage Dragon issue, it isn’t too focused on the titular dragon. Of course, with such a story arc, it would be wrong too, but fans of the big green guy (not the hulk…) might be disappointed. Still, what is shown is more than enough, showing enough development and personality to keep most readers satisfied.

All in all, Savage Dragon #180 is a good read. It might be a bit quick, but it effectively wraps up along arc, and serves as a great example of what Savage Dragon is about.


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