Saga #7


If there’s one title I always look forward to, its Saga. With Saga #7, I’m happy to say the series doesn’t disappoint. This might not be its strongest issues, buts its miles ahead of its competitors.

First, the official description from Image:

Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ smash-hit ongoing series returns! An all-new adventure begins, as new parents Marko and Alana make an unexpected discovery in the vast emptiness of outer space.

Saga is a title that likes to leave an impression, but it always kicks off right where it left. For this issue, that means the introduction of Marko’s parents. The opening scenes here are worth some high praise, with a flashback to Marko’s childhood. The fact that its narrated by Hazel, his baby, only adds to the charm of the short scene. Its bright, colorful and gets a message across.

Its this message regarding the war that makes the following interactions so fantastic. The war has been touched upon previously, using the generic ‘us vs them’ of the ‘wings’ and ‘horns’ to set two clear sides across. The main antagonists, of course, are outside of the war. Marko’s parents, however, mark the first people from one of the sides to come into contact with the group. As such there is strong dialogue between the two clashing sides; there’s a real sense of the parents being stuck in an old-fashioned view towards the conflict, which borders on racism at certain areas. Its all very well written, as if it was plucked out of any good war movie.

Unfortunately, if there is one gripe with Saga #7 is that it mainly focuses on this interaction. Given that it introduces new characters, this is to be expected, but other characters such as The Will only make a fleeting appearance. This is perfectly natural, as not everyone can be the centre of attention, but it is unusual for Saga, which is very good at creating a living, reactive universe.

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Finally, it just wouldn’t be Saga without leaving on a cliffhanger. Like any good monthly title, it makes sure you want to come back for more. That being said, there are plenty of plot hooks and revelations throughout the issue as well.

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