Saga #3 Review

It may still be early days, but Saga is setting up to be an interesting title. It has a big name or two behind it, sure, but the main appeal is its unique story and universe. Saga #3 is good example of something that doesn’t jump through tired cliché, offering a tight storyline with a unique appeal.

It doesn’t have the pull of a long-standing title, but this makes it even easier for new readers to jump aboard. The plot is quick to pick up and, although the narrative can move quite slow, the storyline is none the less engaging. The two protagonists, Alana and Marko, are likeable enough, despite Marko being unconscious for the majority.

The official description from Image:

 BKV’s and FIONA STAPLES’ controversial epic continues! Stranded on a mystical alien world, new parents Marko and Alana encounter their greatest fear

This isn’t typical science fiction, and Saga #3 makes sure to get that point across. Much like the artwork, the story is often fantastical, yet always part of a universe that feels alive. The art style is unique, more daring than its competitors, and may come as a surprise to some. Yet it fits the story and atmosphere almost perfectly.

More importantly, it has a unique feel that stands out from its countless predecessors. The world doesn’t appear flashy or full of lasers. Yet Saga #3 still offers a world full of depth, with various alien races that suggest history and character without lecturing the reader.

With an author such as Brian K Vaughan on board; the writer of Y: The last Man, it should be of no surprise that the plot focuses on individuals, driving home a sense of humanity and personality. The fact that the main cast aren’t necessarily human isn’t a problem here, either. The dialogue never feels forced, and follows previous issues with occasional narrations by Hazel, the daughter of Alana and Marko. The unique perspective offers insight without getting in the way of developments.

The only major downside would be the slow plot developments. This is a story focused on a relationship between characters, not of galactic war and fighting, so it likes to take things slow. Yet with everything else it has going for it, as well as what looks like the introduction of a new main character to the small cast, Saga #3 looks set to be a winner.