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Saga #19 Review

Saga 19

Saga 19Saga #19 is a welcome return for the series, but there is more than one significant change here. With so much going on, is there too much to take in or is this new direction keeping the title fresh?

The official description from Image:

SAGA returns! New planet, new adversaries, and a very new direction, all from the same old Hugo Award-winning team.

The main principle is the same – we still have two heroes on the run from both sides of the way – but that’s about it. While this cuts right down to what makes Saga successful, it takes away from what made the series great recently. Some of the supporting characters, such as The Will, had some very dramatic, important story lines that never got resolved and Saga #19 does little to reassure readers this will be picked up. At least one – Prince Robot – gets some significance in this issue, despite not appearing directly. It works well and keeps the issue tied to the past, but it needs more of it.

That said, what we do have is full of charm and character. Brian Vaughan obviously knows his characters and this issue gets write down to the dynamic between Alana and Marko. Vaughan gets right to the interesting themes, such as the contrasting views on raising their child, juxtaposed with their love, except there’s a very different distinct tone at play here. Saga #19 feels much more mature and no longer wants to coddle readers into a dream where love conquers all. Maybe it’s growing up, or maybe it’s throwing a tantrum, but at least it’s still fun to watch.

Visually, Fiona Staples continues to be on top form. This issue doesn’t offer too much for her to provide, but it’s still a vibrant, pleasant title that ensures every page is a breath of fresh air. That said, Marko looks a little different (older, I guess) and there are some people that won’t like the change.

All in all, it’s a welcome return for Saga but I don’t know if the new direction is the right one. The last few issues were some action packed pieces and, while I’m eager to explore the consequences, I want to see more of the aftermath before jumping in this new direction.


  • + Vaughan maintains the main core of the series
  • + A new change brings more mature themes
  • + I could look at the artwork all day
  • - Kinda drops a few characters here and there

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