Saga #15 Revew


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Saga #15 continues the ‘not-quite-a-flashback’ from recent issues, offering the usual combination of peace, war and everything in between. So what’s new?

The official description from Image:

Everything starts coming together.
First of all, this series is still going strong. The narrative is still before certain events already shown, yet I didn’t even remember this when reading through. Saga #15 immerses in characters and family relations. On side there is the main cast, an established family learning to cope with changes and, on the other, there is the Will and his makeshift family trying to stay together. The two Saga_15sides reflect on each other well and, throw in some wacky science fiction and fantasy settings, you have a very strong example of what Saga can offer.
Brian K Vaughan shows his skill with characters in this issue. Much of the twists and turns happen in the dialogue, especially during the family board game sequence. It is subtle, yet adds enough layers that even a page of dialogue is far from boring. Of course, there is still a wider story at work and this is never forgotten – the opening in particular resembles various tropes and themes from Vietnam-style war movies.
As usual, all of this comes wrapped up in the beautiful artwork of Fiona Staples. This issue offers very little new settings, but still manages to charm its way through with facial expressions and other simple touches – whether it’s a smile here or a sulk there. The detailed expressions never go over the top, either, which is important when your setting features spider-ladies, animal-people and a cat that doesn’t like lying.

All in all, this is about as much as I think can be said without spoiling anything or explaining the entire story. This issue, admittedly, might not be the best for new readers – who won’t have a strong attachment to a cast that talk a lot in this issue – but it is definitely one that belongs in the wider series.



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