Saga #14 Review


Saga is back! I highly enjoy reading this series and, thankfully, Saga #14 doesn’t let up. Yet it offers something different (as usual), with a very action-light issue that compliments the previous issue.

The official description from Image:

Gwendolyn and Slave Girl think about the future.
I’ll admit, I didn’t have many hopes up for this one, since it was a prequel leading to events we’re already aware of (and still leading to them). Yet it is thoroughly entertaining. This issue takes the cast we know and simply explores, delves and develops them further. There’s no gunfights or combat, yet it captivates a sense of progress of ‘life in motion’ that is part of Saga‘s charm – the universe simply feels alive.
Brain K Vaughan’s writing is superb. It should be – this is his project and he knows the cast inside out. While we’re use to Alana and the usual lot by now, the focus on The Will’s small group is greatly appreciated. Their current situation is definitely interesting, getting to the heart of some of Will’s bad-guy-come-good-guy-come-mercyless-killer characteristics. The three way conversation is well-crafted and put together well – it could have been very hard to interpret if the writing hadn’t been flawless. The best scene, however, has to be the simple page between Sophie and lying cat. It says much more with much less words.
Of course, the other half of Saga is the beautiful artwork of Fiona Staples. This works well with the writing. Again, the scene between Sophie and the lying cat works well with Fiona’s gentle yet vibrant approach to detail. Every page is visually stunning, while the different settings all take on different characteristics and charm that makes up the varied styles of Saga.
So, in short, Saga is still on top form. I’ve previously commented on the good pacing of the series and, even though this is a flashback of sorts, it still offers something new, earning it’s place amongst the rest of the narrative.


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