Saga #11 Review


One of the best issues so far, Saga #11 rewards longer readers. There haven’t been any major developments when it comes to any of the main characters so far. Saga #11 brings what has been teased in recent issues, adding more depth to an already impressive title.

The official description from Image:

It’s an intergalactic family reunion, as Hazel’s parents and grandparents join forces to escape a dying world.

Despite its wide and fantastical setting, Saga has always been a personal story. This is very true here, with the opening and ending flashbacks contrasting well with the main story. The themes of life and death are strong, giving this issue plenty of depth. Also, there’s a giant evil cosmic space baby.

Brain K Vaughan offers his usual high standard of writing. The pacing is very well thought out. Despite the rather personal and emotional ending (which some may find too abrupt) it keeps well with the pacing the title is known for. From the narrating baby that keeps everything tied up to the two sides present in this issue, Saga #11 is fairly well balanced. The dialogue is excellent; the latter flashback sequence doesn’t even use English. Translate it if you want, but sometimes the execution is more important than the simple writing. The image offered is clear and transcends language.

This, of course, is always helped by the art of Fiona Staples. Saga #11 is as bright and as vibrant as ever. The larger panels and splash pages give way to some excellent colors. Even the large areas focusing on space (the bits without said giant evil cosmic space baby) have subtle, yet vibrant, washes of color. The final page in particular is a perfect example. The only downside is that there aren’t any new settings to explore in this issue; the majority of it is aboard familiar ships with familiar settings and style. Its still amazing to look at, but Saga is at its best exploring new fantastical environments that let’s the art go crazy.


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