Rumble #3 Review

After oodles of suspense, Patient readers finally get rewarded with Rathraq’s origin story. And Rumble just keeps getting better.

The official description from Image:

It’s literally a whole new world of head-lopping action in this issue as things really start to open up—and all the broken pieces come together. Finally, we’re bringing you the origin of Rathraq! And, in a way, the origin of everybody else, too.

Rumble_03-1Hats off to writer John Arcudi for this magnificent pacing of Rumble thus far. With issue three Arcudi finally pulls the curtain back and reveals not only Rathraq’s origin story, but, with it, the entire universe that Rathraq hails from and the terrible stakes of his strange and violent mission. Yes, big questions will get answered like: “What’s up with the inanimate body?” and “Where are all these freaky demons coming from?” Best yet, Arcudi does this in a way that keeps the story moving and keeps us invested in the petty dealings of Rathraq’s human partners Del and Be-Bop — we’ve all read origin issues that, essentially, feel like a sudden stop on a fast moving train, but that doesn’t happen here.  What Arcudi does best with issue #3 is introduce this necessary backstory but in a way that keeps the front story developing. Rumble #3 might be the most enjoyable issue of the new series so far.

James Harren is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists and with issue three, which toggles back between the gritty city streets of no-name America, and the mythical lands of Rathraq’s birth, his talent really gets a chance to shine. Harren clearly feels at home with any perspective, and any character — his art is commanding, rich, and expressive. He can show the subtle facial tics of Be-Bop as he unsuccessfully tries to flirt, and can capture the exploding guts of a demon just as easily. He makes Rumble #3 a joy to read.

Overall, an awesome series. Go grab this thing today.


  • + Amazing Art
  • + Love and Gore
  • + Rathraq's Origin Story!
  • + One of the Most Promising New Titles this Year

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