Rogue Trooper #4 Review


Rogue_Trooper_4_altIf you’re a fan of gritty lovingly crafted, gritty action, Rogue Trooper #4 may just be the best issue yet. It oozes charm and cuts right to the core of what makes Rogue Trooper so damn great.

The official description from IDW:

In the aftermath of the brutal battle for Strongpoint Charlie, Rogue Trooper must fight for his life with an opponent he can’t possibly use lethal force against. It’s brother vs. brother as the non-stop action continues!

While this issue follows the similar hallmarks of the series thus far – Rogue does a lot of walking on his own and then blows the crap out of stuff – this series explores the character much more closely. What works well is the fact this is done through both the action itself and the tense build-up before hand. Every panel offers something new and there aren’t pages of padding.

Even during some of the duller sequences, the dialogue offers plenty of insight. There are more than a few panels this month where writer Brian Ruckley let’s Rogue’s companion A.I do the talking. It’s a nice change to see them talk while the titular character is so silent and makes for an interesting shift in the dynamic, as well as cementing our protagonist’s goals and objectives. It flawlessly fleshes out the story in a short amount of time.

Rogue Trooper #4 also looks as fantastic as ever. Alberto Pontecelli has a natural talent for poses and is able to get the right angle and depiction on all the action sequences. Even in the tense cat and mouse segments, Pontecelli’s poses and depictions effortlessly get the suspense across. Stephen Downer also provides plenty of colors to depict the gritty world of Nu-Earth, as well as old Blue himself.

If you can’t tell, this issue impressed me very much. It wraps up by itself but it’s a sheer joy to read from start to finish.

  • + Ruckley cut's to the core of the character
  • + Plenty of intense action
  • + Nu-Earth looks as disgustingly beautiful as ever
  • - Not much on the over-all story arc

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