Rogue Trooper #3 Review


Rogue_Trooper_3_altWe’ve seen a little action so far, but Rogue Trooper #3 looks to be upping its game. Is this a sign of things to come in the series’ future? If so, where do I sign up?

The official description from IDW:

As the battle for Strongpoint Charlie goes into overdrive, Rogue Trooper is up against enemies who aren’t even on the same battlefield as him. And something even worse is closing in fast, because his creators want him back: Dead or alive!

This issue is all about action. While there are a few quiet, tense moments, these mostly happen elsewhere and the real focus of this issue is on the gunfire. We’ve already seen a little of this, so you might already know what to expect. The action is a dynamic rush of excitement and shows what Rogue Trooper does best. Yet this would be pointless on its own, so its not without plenty of context within the setting of Nu Earth.

Brian Ruckley continues to demonstrate an understanding of all Rogue Trooper‘s selling points. Old Blue once again comes off as a brutal loner but with just enough personality to show a caring side – or the closest equivalent to a caring side this title will offer. It gives the character meaning and Ruckley writes enough to give readers an interest in the character. Which is good, because otherwise I’d be backing the sweet robot gun-dogs.

Visually, Alberto Ponticelli offers plenty of detail. Everything is well defined and the action – even when looking at smaller panels – is clear and easy to follow. That, however, might be down to Stephen Downer’s colors. It’s not hard to keep track of the bright blue guy, especially when everything else is black, grey or brown. I love the Nu-Earth setting, but it doesn’t give much opportunity for color variation, which is perhaps why we see plenty of off-world scenes along the way.

All in all, this is a good third issue. Rogue Trooper #3 sticks to the heart of the original but provides a pace and sense of action that will keep modern readers more than satisfied.

  • + Brian Ruckley brings the action!
  • + Modern action, old-school sci-fi
  • - Lots and lots of grey
  • - Still early days in terms of the plot

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