Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3 Review


The penultimate issue in the current mini-series, Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #3 has plenty to offer, setting up the final issue perfectly without boring the reader in the process. Whilst there’s plenty of exposition, there’s just enough to ensure that this issue isn’t worth skipping over.

First, the official description from IDW:

His rocket-pack gone, his girl not speaking to him, and all of Hollywood about to fall into the clutches of the sinister Otto Rune…what’s young Cliff Secord to do? And what’s that dangerous-looking thing Peevy’s been building, anyway? It’s back to Square One for the Rocketeer… as he has to learn to fly all over again!

Overall, there isn’t much action in this issue. Yet that isn’t to say its boring. The pacing is fluid enough, not getting bogged down in any one area whilst still going on to offer plenty of tension and drama. There’s the typical rift between Cliff and Betty that’s been a major point of this series (although much better than Cargo Of Doom), and seems much more relevant to everything going on.

In short, a lot of this is, again, down to the fluid writing. Roger Langridge packs plenty of development into a usual-sized script. The one notable difference here is that the main focus is more on Betty. Langridge certainly has learned to use side-characters more. For the most part, Cliff has a more ‘reflective’ moment this issue, which makes for a surprisingly refreshing change.

As for the art, J Bone offers his standard level of detail. Certain areas a re simplified, but nothing is ever lacking when it comes to depth. The same can be said for Jordie Bellaire’s colors. Whilst simplified, they work well with the softer approach taking in the art direction. This is standard for Hollywood Horror so far, and it continues to fit the easy-going and approachable nature of Rocketeer.

In short, that’s about as much as can be said without getting into too many details or spoiling the issue. As the penultimate issue, its not exactly trying to attract new followers, but its still a fun and easy read in its own right.


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