Robyn Hood #2 Review


Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest is one of my favorite classic stories. A simple and fun tale with a great main character. It’s a story that can be remade over and over again. While Disney decided to make him a fox, Zenescope has taken the familiar concept and is doing a 180. This is taking place in modern day and…a girl is taking on the mantle. (Clever calling her Robyn!) I’m always up for new interpretations of classics, so I went into the first issue with an open mind not really knowing what to expect. It really surprised me. Robyn is a great character, tough, cool, and just fun to watch. (Or rather read.) While it’s been drastically different than the classic tale, it’s really good. The second issue moves the story forward, establishing a new setting and King John as the antagonist. In short terms? A great second installment!

Here’s the official description from Zenescope:

A BRAND NEW Grimm Fairy Tales series that reinvents the classic tale of action and adventure is HERE!!! Robyn now finds herself trapped in the realm of Myst in the city of Bree where she will not only discover her true origins but be forced to embrace her true destiny…whether she likes it or not. Action, adventure and fantasy brought to you by the company that does it best!

The issue begins with Robyn taking on a bunch of King John’s guards. I like how well she can fight, but it’s really thanks to her narration boxes that makes her really likable. Patrick Shand’s writing succeeds in being both serious and funny. Robyn’s lines has personality, a favorite of mine being, “I don’t know where I am. No idea why someone just pulled me into Lord of the Rings land.” Now that made me laugh. After realizing her destiny thanks to someone she dubs ‘Aquagirl,’ (wow she’s funny with the words) she goes into a village. Along the way as she’s taking care of business, (helping out the unfortunate) we get little flashbacks about her past. These flashbacks really help the reader sympathize and admire her. Like I’ve said before, I’m disappointed this will just be a four issue mini-series, I’m going to miss Robyn.

Art wise, it’s good. The backgrounds aren’t heavily detailed, and while that sounds like a bad thing, it makes the old-time setting feel like, well, old-time. The cover is pretty fantastic, showing a menacing King John knight pinning down Robyn. (Though she didn’t get her outfit in the issue.) I was actually a little disappointed because the knight looked so menacing on the cover yet in the issue Robyn beats them all pretty easy.

Overall, Robyn Hood is a mini-series you should be reading. It’s connected to the Grimm Fairy Tales universe, but you don’t have know anything beforehand, you can read it on its own. A fun story background, funny dialogue thanks to good writing, and a fantastic main character. The second issue establishes Robyn in what looks to be her permanent setting for this series. The next issue takes places a year later, so these past two issues were mainly setup. I’ll be looking forward to #3.


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  • Yugi

    Great book… This should be the right cover.. the printed cover was flipped around..