Revival 22

Revival #22 Review

Revival 22

Revival 22As a title that was already spread out rather thin, Revival #22 continues to split the action across two locations. Is this good story telling or simply a title getting too big for its boots?

The official description from Image:

Dana gets dangerously close to the killer stalking black market organ thieves in NYC. Ibrahaim gets even closer to the terrible origins of the scarred hitman.

Over all, this issue splits its self well between a number of sub plots, but each one is going in a random direction. We have romance, weird hypnotism, the usual ghosts and revival stuff and more. It’s not a bad mix, but each pulls and pushes at Revival’s identity. Some explore some cool or interesting concepts, but it feels like a lot for one issue. If that sounds like a bad thing, it is, but Revival #22 is value for money as a result.

Tim Seeley has clearly put a lot work building his world and developing the mythos, but these themes don’t always translate well in the final product. Revival #22 is an overload of Seeley’s ideas, although they do all explore common ideas, no matter how vague. Furthermore, Seeley seems to focus on a few choice characters this month – normally I’d praise the choice to center on a core cast, but it’s been known to change this up in the past.

Visually, there isn’t much new to say. Mike Norton is a talented artist and is visual treatment is one of the strongest and most stable elements of the series. That said, the New York scenes give Norton some new spaces to play with, while there are attempts elsewhere to add variety to the color palette. These new shades – heck, anything that isn’t white or blue – are more than welcome.

Over all it’s not a bad issue – in fact I enjoyed it – but it leaves this lingering feeling of going deeper into the rabbit hole without any end in sight.

  • + A change in location!
  • + Shrinking the cast a little
  • - No real development....
  • - Smaller cast? Fool me once...

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