Revival #2 Review

The second issue in, and Revival is still going strong. Revival #2 has all the hallmarks that made the first issue so successful. Its rich in story and drama, capturing the atmosphere of a small American town perfectly. Of course, the horror and noir aspects of Revival are also dominant in Revival #2, with the eerie sense that something isn’t just quite right.

First up, the official description from Image comics:

Meet Blaine Abel ,snowmobile mechanic, and part time demonologist. Blaine isn’t too pleased to have the dead walking around his town and he’s about to do something about it. Dana deals with the aftermath of what went down at the farm, as citywide cabin fever escalates. And Em justs wants someone to hit her. Art by Eisner nominated creator, MIKE NORTON!

This issue follows the themes found in the first. The series still focuses on the ‘revivers’. The opening scene in particular demonstrates the problems with such occurrences.

What keeps this issue fresh is the introduction of Mr. Abel. Sent to exorcise demons, this character is somewhat of a flawed individual. Hes arrogant, cocky and doesn’t specifically believe in demons. In short, the character makes for excellent reading. Its not overtly shocking, but his small introduction offers new light on the series, showing a potential side arc alongside the established premise so far.

Of course, as a ‘rural noir’ Revival #2 isn’t without its sense of drama. This tied into the overall themes of life and death in the story. There’s much conversations and dialogue reflecting the various few points. Be it the view of someone who can’t die, or from someone who’s lost a loved one who could die, the title takes efforts to explore the various views of such events. Its not perfect writing, but its get the atmosphere of a small town in turmoil across well. At the end of the day, its good foreshadowing.

Unlike the last issue, Revival #2 ends on a more personal note. This demonstrates the charm of the series perfectly. Despite the supernatural motifs and themes, Revival takes the time to develop characters, showing complicated and realistic relations.

This is a great follow up issue. It does a lot to establish the story and scene; whilst it might not show too much of the supernatural and spooky side, there’s nothing wrong with biding your time occasionally.


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