Revival 16

Revival #16 Review

Revival 16

revival_bannerThings have been a little quiet in Revival lately, but the series is good at being both quiet and loud when it needs to be – so which end of the scale is Revival #16 on?

The official description from Image:

Dana and her ex, Derrick, investigate Em murderer suspect Aaron, but they aren’t the only ones. Meanwhile, May Tao gets closer to connecting the Cypresses to the burned bones of the Check brothers.
This issue is fairly quiet for the most part, but kicks off towards the second half, providing a good example of what Revival can do. While it isn’t answering the wider storyline running throughout the title, it’s still nonetheless engaging and entertaining.Revival 16
Part of this is, perhaps, due to Tim Seeley’s focus on regular characters – the series does like to digress from time to time which isn’t always effective. Fortunately, Dana and Em feature heavily while other important cast members get a little screen time as well. The end result is something that feels much more balanced than some of the previous examples in the last few months, with enough development to sustain interest in the areas that actually matter.
Visually, however, Revival #16 is as beautiful as its ever been. Mike Norton knows the characters and setting – his art style defines the title and I couldn’t imagine it under any other artist. Although the supernatural or paranormal muscles aren’t flexed here, the visuals nonetheless manage to make the traditional setting look beautiful and distinct.
All in all, this is a pretty good example of Revival #16. It underplays the supernatural parts but adds plenty of mystery and depth to the small scale setting which helps make it so gripping in the first place. Still, I sometimes wonder if its getting too big, as like a lot of issues, you may be left thinking about a certain plot thread that got ignored, or something that wasn’t mentioned.



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