Revival #12 Review


It’s another slow issue for Revival #12, yet this time there seems to be a strong sense of character. With a more established plot, although still rather wide, Revival #12 offers a nice change of pace whilst still teasing a little here and there.

The official description from Image:

The “Revival Event” as seen through the eyes of young Cooper Cypress.

This issue is broken up into various segments, with various characters getting their own little focus. Revival #12 moves from one to another, as well as showcasing enough about the overall plot to sustain interest. It’s not terribly fast paced, nor does anything of any major consequence happen, but it builds on established characters and knowledge. In other words, it might not be for new readers.

That said, I can’t find much to fault in Tim Seeley’s writing. This is his story, after all, and he knows his way around it. In Revival #12, the main focus has to be the viewpoint of little Cooper. Given the more adult or complex themes going around, this is a great way to show an innocent child’s perspective, especially of Martha. Once again, I have to admit that Dana does little more than sulk and contribute little to the story, but she has her place.

Once again, we have Mike Norton (with Art Baltazar) on art duties. This gives the current issue the same look and feel you would expect from Revival, with emphasis and focus on characters and detail. That said, the use of Cooper brings in the look and feel of a child’s drawings, which Revival #12 does fairly well. I’ve seen much worse, and this is clear enough to get the point across.

All in all, this isn’t a bad issue. It’s certainly not groundbreaking, nor the best the series can offer, but focusing on the main cast and keeping character development in focus is never a bad thing for a small-town setting such as Revival.


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