Wonder Woman #32 Review

It’s been a long road but as we near the final hours of this journey should we care how it turns out? Read on to find out.

The official description from DC:

The casualties are mounting as Wonder Woman’s divine family tears itself apart – and Diana prepares to make everyone feel her power as the God of War!

Wonder Woman 32_Variant CoverWith a three year arc heading towards its closing moments, our heroine does what she must for both sides of her family. And through her actions the creators prove why she’s worth admiring. For as much as this team’s been accused of underdevelopment for our leading lady this issue proves their understanding. The moments contained are iconic as they ebb and flow with worth.

The script penned by Brian Azzarello deserves the attention of even the most discerning fanboy or fangirl. The author, after all this time, is delivering the final notes of this re-imagining with a set of issues that are chock-full of tension. Wonder Woman has taken to her responsibilities as Goddess of War and Queen of the Amazons by pushing boundaries in both. And as the final dominoes line-up there’s an overarching feeling of dread as even the most safe feel downright expendable. Which in turn is the magic of his run as hard work and careful layering starts to payoff.

With page breakdowns done by Cliff Chiang, Goran Sudžuka certainly has a solid skeletal structure to follow. And it’s from that basis that the illustrator finds footing even during the more complicated sequences. Renditions of all the gods and goddesses are instep with the established look, while the terror of the current iteration of First Born is potent enough to send chills down the spine. Add in the dynamic colors by Matthew Wilson and the final look is soft but vibrant as it never feels overbearing.

Wonder Woman #32 is exactly the type of comic book it needs to be. With solid pacing, competent visuals and a solid cliffhanger this series still stands tall as one of the best the New 52. For that reason it easily comes recommended.

  • + Olympus torn apart... by the fury of First Born!
  • + The creative team crafts a fitting comic.
  • + Wonder Woman proves worthy.
  • - It carries a few rough spots...

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