Wolverine #9 Review

Has Wolverine overcome his fear of death? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Stranded in Japan, Logan confronts his future…and it ain’t a bright one.
• It’s all lead up to this – the next chapter of Wolverine’s life begins now!
• Three Months to Die – The title says it all!

Wolverine #9 variantWolverine and Three Months to Die continues as Logan tries to overcome his fear of Death by confronting her. As action enthrals around the Temple of Death on Holiday, Death reunited Wolverine with and old friend who he wronged. The outcome proves to be very exhilarating as Logan gets to reveal the true meaning behind his tattoo. Despite this I did however feel the Hands presence to be rather underwhelming and if it didn’t add to the Sabretooth rivalry it’d be rather pointless altogether.

Paul Cornell is definitely moving this series in the right direction as Logan nears his demise. The enthralling dialogue shared between Death and Logan proved to be really gripping with Death’s surprise guest being a nice surprise. I also loved how Cornell subtly added the Thanos reference, highlighting the connection between him and Death. I also loved the emotion and depth that he showed from Logan with his revelation of the true meaning behind his rose tattoo being very dramatic.

Kris Anka yet again produces exquisite artwork on this series with the artists short stint on the series coming to an end. His erratic pencils and rough tone really bring an edgy vibe to the story with the dynamic layouts also being very impactful. Where Anka excels however is in showing emotion as both the creepy look in Sabretooth’s face and empathy and regret on Logan’s added to the drama. David Curiel also continues to give a consistent tone to the series with the colourist yet again producing a vivid finish.

Wolverine edges closer to his demise with his encounter with Death proving very dramatic. With a shocking appearance and exciting action Three Months to Die leads the series in the right direction. Recommended.

  • + Paul Cornell moves the series in the right direction.
  • + Kris Anka produces exquisite artwork.
  • + An old friend of Logan makes an appearance.
  • - The Hand's presence is very underwhelming.

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