Wolverine #8 Review

Can Iron Fist and Shang Chi help Logan deal with his fear of mortality? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• Logan, Iron Fist, Shang Chi vs. an army of deadly ninja.
• Three Months to Die – The title says it all!

WOLV2014008-int-LR3-1-d9b37Wolverine‘s world was massively shaken recently with the announcement that he’ll be dying come September. In the lead up to this the ongoing Wolverine series is showing Logan’s last days in a story arc appropriately titled Three Months to Die. The issue sees Logan take a trip to Miyajima where Iron Fist and Sang Chi hope to rid him of his fear of death. Meanwhile Sabretooth and Offer get cosy with Offer trying to make an offer Sabretooth can’t refuse.

Paul Cornell writes one of his best scripts in a while a though this issue as a whole didn’t astound me the content, dialogue and set-up really grabbed my interest. The way that Cornell opened the issue with Logan at the receiving end of a friendly tussle with Iron Fist and Shang Chi really appealed to me with the events that followed being intriguing to say the least. Despite this it’s be the interaction between the Offer and Sabretooth that impressed me the most with Offer proving to be a bit of a survivalist himself.

The artwork on this issue was handled by Kris Anka an artist who’s shown brilliant work over several X titles recently. The dynamic way that he opened the issue really impressed me with the pure energy and fun being really enjoyable. I also really loved how he showed the characters emotions and expressions as though Wolverine’s were ever changeable it really added a dynamic tone to the issue. Alongside this David Curiel yet again produced sensational colours bridging the creative tone between artists brilliantly.

With Paul Cornell’s run on Wolverine nearing it’s end the writer gives us a brilliant set-up for things to come. Highly recommended.

  • + Paul Cornell’s best script in a while.
  • + Kris Anka brings a energetic vibe to this story.
  • + Iron Fist and Shang Chi make an awesome appearance.
  • - A little too much set-up not enough action.

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