Wolverine #10 Review

Will a trip to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning help Wolverine with his problems? Read on to find out.

The official description from Marvel:

• It’s the beginning of the end for Wolverine!

• Logan comes clean to his old friends as Sabretooth marks Wolverine’s new love Pinch for death!

• Pete Woods (Detective Comics) joins Paul Cornell as Logan enters his most dire hour!

Wolverine #10 variantThree Months to Die quickly turns into Two as Wolverine crawls closer to his upcoming demise. Having faced his fear of Death Logan finally starts planning an assault against Sabretooth using all the friends he can find to help him out.

Paul Cornell‘s run is almost at an end with only two issues of his run left following this. In all honesty I’m going to miss his writing as though it’s showed more promise than it’s delivered on it has been an interesting ride. In this issue Cornell does a great job of showing the solidarity that Logan has with his vast network of friends coming to his aid. Despite the idea being good ultimately there was just too many characters for one issue making the action feel faster than it was.

Cornell is joined by former Robin/Detective Comics artist Pete Woods for this final stage with his detailed art being a perfect fit to this series. Straight from the start Woods delivers the kind of dramatic flair that I love about his art with the detailed backgrounds and suspenseful overtones setting the perfect mood for this tale. Woods also reminds me why his Robin run was so captivating with the intense action being joyous to say the least. David Curiel‘s colours also prove vital to the overall look with his vivid pallet giving an impressive finish.

Wolverine is getting closer to his demise with Three Months to Die becoming Two. Despite the tension that’s being built the overall issue was hurt by the appearance of too many characters with the atmosphere getting diluted. It does however squeeze through with a recommendation.

  • + Wolverine returns to the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.
  • + Paul Cornell sets up a war.
  • + Pete Woods delivers fantastic artwork.
  • - Too many characters for one issue.

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